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Greatest Gold-Mine of Empowering Quotes it’s like
having your own wise advisor beside you every day.

From: Lisa McDonald, 11.20 am

Dear Friend, If you are interested in transforming results in key life areas… then this is going to be the most important message you ever read. Here’s why: There is an amazing new eBook called, The Little Book of Empowering Quotes.”

It covers a variety of inspiring quotes in 8 Key areas of life.

Imagine being able to use thought provoking words for accessing inner wisdom.
Wouldn’t that be great? Or what about if you could stimulate powerful messages from within. How would that feel if you could do this?

Imagine being able to being able to transform your life.

It truly is possible.

That’s what this brand new e-book could help you to do.

And it’s not like any other eBook you’ve
ever read on transforming results in 8
key life areas.


Simply, every section in the book is there because we believe that each one is necessary in transforming your life and bringing your dreams alive. Each section is a cog in your success wheel and has the power to make you or break you. By using these quotes in 8 Key areas of life, you will begin to awaken your intuition even more which will guide you on the exact ways to transform your thinking and actions to get the results you desire.These short quotes are from real people, and from real life experiences!There’s no fluff. Just the real life wisdom you want to tap into.You’ll discover all types of exciting messages from within.

Here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll discover in “The Little Book of Empowering Quotes”:

  • How to create new insights into yourself and any situation in your life
  • Insights into realigning key life areas
  • How to take control of your life
  • AMAZING! Discover in a matter of minutes how to get focused for the day
  • Where to take actions and improve your life
  • A dirt-cheap way to coach Yourself
  • A quick and easy way to get to attract more of what you want in your life?
  • How to direct your thinking
  • REVEALED! The hidden truth behind empowering yourself
  • Your secret weapon for taking control of your own life
And that’s just a fraction of what you’ll find out in The Little Book of Empowering QuotesThat’s why you should own this book today (in fact, you can be reading in as little as 5 minutes from now!).

(All you need is a credit card, no special internet accounts or anything like that. And it’s totally secure. Your credit card data is passed directly to the bank and no one but the bank has access to your sensitive information.)

What’s a resource like this worth?
To have someone do all this research for you would normally cost you around $1000 (I should know, that’s what it cost me!). Particularly a laser-guided resource like this - SPECIFICALLY with quotes in 8 Key areas of life.
Everything is written in PLAIN English. And it’s logically laid out.

Which is why The Little Book of Empowering Quotesis such a bargain at $27.77

That’s right, a fraction of what it’s really worth or what it cost me in time, energy and money to gather this collection of quotes.

Why would I make it so affordable? Simply because my costs to deliver it to you are so low.

This is an electronic book (e-book) that can be downloaded to your computer in a flash.

Which means you can be reading it and getting started on discovering the amazing wisdom within as little as 5 minutes from now.

So I figure I’ll be able to offer this fantastic resource of information (which if you follow the tips contained in its pages could really give you some amazing benefits) to more people. And make my investment back over time.

No matter what however, it’s a bargain for you.
And yes, I plan on raising the price from $27.77 to $47.77 very soon. Once I get a few more testimonials from satisfied customers, the price will increase. So you’ll want to be quick if you want to save some money.


$27.77 is a drop in the ocean compared to the secret well of information your will tap into from within.

And don’t worry, if for any reason you’re not happy with the content, you have a complete guarantee to protect your investment.


Hey, you’re my customer. And if you’re not happy, it looks bad on me. So if you’re not happy with what you discover from The Little Book of Empowering Quotes I don’t expect … or want … to keep your money. Just simply whip off an email to me and I’ll happily refund your money in full (in fact, I’d be embarrassed to keep it).
But… the e-book is yours to keep no matter what, as a “thank you” gift from me!
Okay? So you really can’t lose! The e-book’s yours no matter what.
That’s about as fair as it gets, don’t you agree?

Well let me tell you what I’ll also do to make this the best investment you ever make.
I’m going to throw in some free bonuses that are literally worth more in money terms than my e-book itself!

Simply grab your copy of “The Little Book of Empowering Quotes” right now, and here’s what I’ll throw in:

FREE BONUS #1: “7 Tips For Achieving Your Goals”

This amazing bonus all about increasing your capacity to connect with your inner wisdom by clarifying your intentions. (This bonus is from Chapter Three of Lisa’s soon to be released book, so you can be one of the first to get it now)… You’ll discover:

  • How your mindset is shaped by the past and what you can do about it.
  • How you can formulate specific goals which will motivate you
  • How to create some extra leverage to further encourage you to take action

Not bad, right? But that’s not all you get! Because I’m also throwing in:

FREE BONUS #2: “7 Tips For Reconditioning Your Mindset”

Are you beginning to see how valuable this package is? With this bonus you’ll know the essentials about taking steps to reshape your mindset, which affects everything you think, feel and do. (This Bonus is from chapter 6 of Lisa’s soon to be released book)…

Here’s what is revealed:

  • How your mindset affects your inner connection with yourself
  • How you can change your thought patterns to create results
  • How you can attract more of what you desire to see in your life

Imagine how you’d feel if you knew these things! YOURS FREE when you order “The Little Book of Empowering Quotes.

You are reading this, aren’t you?

Well the good news is, that’s still not all. Because I have another gift for you.

FREE BONUS #3: “8 Tips For Improving Your Vitality, Performance and Lifestyle”

You don’t know it yet but, at the end of this bonus you’ll know all about how your connection with yourself is affected by how well you are functioning mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. (This Bonus is an Extract of Chapter 2 from another of Lisa’s upcoming books)… Here’s a short list of what this amazing bonus contains:

  • How to take steps to boost your health, wellbeing and alertness
  • How to align yourself with what you want
  • How to implement easy steps which will transform your life

Phew… that’s some list of FREE Gifts, right? A total of $36.00 in bonuses

They’re each worth every cent. But hey, they’re yours FREE. Congratulations!

But I don’t know how long I’ll keep these bonuses up there. It’s part of a marketing test I’m doing. They’re worth a lot to me in my heart, and at any time I could take them down forever. So if you want them, get in quick.
And hey, don’t take my word for it on how great this package is. Listen to what people just like you have to say about it:

“I was greatly inspired reading ‘The Little Book of Quotes’ with wonderful words of wisdom from cover to cover. Reading the quotes was an opportunity to not only look forward with a greater desire to achieve my goals, but also an opportunity for me to be so grateful for all the experiences and opportunities I have had to date. This is a perfect bedside book for me to start each day with inspiration and focus towards getting the most out of each and every day.”
Julie Dinsdale, Perth, Australia

“Lisa lives breathes and fully embodies her talk in The Little Book of Empowering Quotes. With a genuine passion to see others become all that they can be, she clearly demonstrates her ability to see the best and make the most out of every situation. This book of inspiring quotes is such a simple yet powerful reminder of wisdom we innately know because it resonates with us in such a deep way each time we hear it’s truth. I’m really enjoying the inspiration, and the extensive quote list should keep me going for some time.”
- Sean McVitty, Mudra Music,
Byron Bay, Australia

“Recently I had the pleasure of reading The Little Book of Empowering Quotes and was very impressed with the attention to detail, the layout of the book and the quantity and quality of the quotes presented. The idea of dividing the book into different areas of lifestyle made it simple and easy to read and the picture for each section just added to the feel of the book. Whenever I need some quiet time to reflect I will reach for this powerful powerhouse of prose and know I will find the exact quote to fill my need.”
- Carol Smith, Box Hill, Australia

“The Little Book of Empowering Quotes” is an excellent resource to do just that- empower me, especially if I find myself ‘down’ or diverted to the least important tasks on my mental ‘to do’ list. My natural inclinations are to be lazy when it comes to physical health, or to procrastinate or be diverted when there is business building to be done. When I dip into this delightful ebook, I can choose from sections dealing with the foregoing challenges or six other areas of my life and seek the wisdom of others to advise or affirm what I know I should do to achieve success and satisfaction.
I gave up a desk calendar long ago where the quotes are eclectic and only rarely of relevance to me on any specific calendar day. Lisa McDonald understands that the wisdom of people over the ages has not lost its significance, it simply needs to be ordered and made accessible for today’s technology, she has done that. “The Little Book of Empowering Quotes” provides many inspirational, but also practical and simple, opportunities for me to renew focus and energy.”
- Marilyn Forde, Melbourne, Australia

“I was gifted the opportunity to read The Little Book of Empowering Quotes and felt like I’d found a friend, One that I could access at anytime and receive just what would be needed at that time.
The purpose of this book lies in service, clarity, empowerment and inspiration. The words seem to know your fears, uncertainty and your path like they know you.
We all question life and ourselves at times and feel the need for answers and guidance. For me this book does just that. It’s the one I’ll turn to for the wisdom I need on my journey and in my everyday.
The Little Book of Empowering Quotes is infused with true intention and integrity and can be felt as you read the words. This in itself allows you the security to absor
b it’s riches.”
- Edward Cox, Ferntree Gully, Australia

“I find the book not only inspirational but uplifting. It is beautifully presented and has a quality about it that radiates sincerity, and integrity. I highly recommend this book for those seeking a spark of inspiration in their daily lives.”
- Helen Dooley,
Melbourne, Australia

This book provides the inspiration that with every breath I take I realise I’m here for a higher purpose. When I get caught up in the now and not in the greater cause a quote jumps out to remind me that everything I do counts and is contributing to the greater race we call life. It reminds to ask myself what kind of race do I want to run.”
- Javier Myszka, Melbourne, Australia.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. And these people are super happy. Just like you’ll be. You can’t leave this page empty handed, can you?

For a mere $27.77, you’re getting the powerful insights you need to get results… PLUS MORE. Now, you can only get this product from me. It’s not available in libraries or in bookstores. Just imagine being able to get these stimulating and thought provoking quotes to you right away.


Wishing you great success.


Lisa McDonald

P.S. Don’t forget, you’re getting $36.00 worth of bonuses for just a fraction of that price. Everything to get you started with stimulating results in 8 Key areas of life. So if that’s what you want to do, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

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    - Viktor Frankl

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