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I’ve created some great resources for you to educate yourself . By growing your knowledge you can empower yourself to build the foundations for your vitality, performance and lifestyls.  Remember - knowledge is power!

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“The Little Book of Empowering Quotes”
- By Lisa McDonald

Get started on your day with a little inspiration by reading “The Little Book of Empowering Quotes”. These timeless quotes will focus your day, and get you taking steps towards your goals and dreams. It covers a variety of inspiring quotes designed to empower you in 8 key areas of life. Buy it to empower yourself, or as a special gift for someone you care about.

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Price: $27.00


Inspirational Quotes

    Inspiring Quotes

    “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”
    - Viktor Frankl

    Growth is the only evidence of life.”
    - John Henry Newman

    “Change always comes bearing gifts.”
    - Price Pritchett

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