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Strategic Life Management - Foundations

Once you’ve had a PeakPerformer Audit, the next step is to get started on implementing a personally tailored Strategic Life Management Plan. We work with you to define your own individual profile which identifies what success is to you, what success looks and feels like for you. We then create an individually tailored plan to suit your personal needs.

What is Strategic Life Management - Foundations?

Imagine consolidating the fragments of your life and clearing away the clutter, clearing the decks in preparation for the next stage of your life. By building strong foundations, you create the essentials for delivery whatever level of Business and Personal success you desire now and into the future. Bringing the dream alive today by constructing a compelling future which provides you with the freedom, independence and the quality of life you desire.

Why Strategic Life Management - Foundations? Why you? Why now?

Strategic Life Management is about creating a compelling future of possibilities based on your individual passions, goals, values and visions for the future. It is inspired living which encourages your individuality to shine through and thrive in your Business and Personal life. Succeed by putting what you know into action consistently and effectively until completion of your goals in your Business and Personal life. We will work with you to create a realistic plan which incorporates all your goals, dreams and aspirations in key life areas. You are likely to find that as one area of your life is worked on, other areas of your life that appear unrelated resolve themselves spontaneously – even effortlessly.

“Through my coaching I was able to discern some of the strengths and weaknesses of my ministry, and other areas of my life I needed to work on.  I achieved greater balance in my work and personal life, and gained more awareness about myself.  I learned about the importance of being authentic and true to myself.  One of my greatest delights was in exploring and learning what my core values are, my goals and what my life purpose is.  I was then able to reflect on how I could live them out, so that they become part of my everyday life.  By having greater awareness of my own identity, and the gifts of my own experiences, I know I can more effectively pastorally care for others.  More importantly, I can be even more authentic to God’s call in my life.“  Steve Crump, Minister

As a result of this program you will:

  • Develop a personal profile of what success is for you
  • Create an integrated plan which streamlines your goals, dreams and aspirations
  • Begin developing strategies in key areas to develop a powerhouse for achieving results
  • Live with more passion, purpose and direction
  • You will develop patterns for clear thinking, vibrant attitude and quality of performance
  • Accelerate achievements while also saving time, energy and money
  • Gain greater focus, motivation
  • Take more consistent actions towards your goals
  • Thrive, Not Just Survive!

Achieve More, Do Less
Fulfill Your Dreams,
Not Someone Else’s

Our coaching sessions are tailored to deal with your individual desires for achieving success, what ever success is to you. So your program is relevant, specific and targeted at the success you wish to achieve. You are likely to find that as one area of your life is focused on, other areas of your life that appear unrelated resolve themselves spontaneously – even effortlessly.

Inspirational Quotes

    Inspiring Quotes

    “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”
    - Viktor Frankl

    Growth is the only evidence of life.”
    - John Henry Newman

    “Change always comes bearing gifts.”
    - Price Pritchett

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