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See what our some of our many satisfied clients are saying about their results with Health Pursuit’s Strategic Life Management Program:

PeakPerformer Audit

“The PeakPerformer Audit™ was sensational! It highlighted to me areas of my life that were significantly out of balance, and surprisingly enough they seemed to be all the areas that were of highest importance to me. Also because of the way the session was structured, it showed me that the areas where I placed the most value were areas that I have struggled with for five years! So it was just what I needed to inspire me into action. The cost to my wellbeing was too important not to follow Lisa’s guidance.” - Lisa Parker, Parker Investment Properties

“My PeakPerformer Audit™, was absolutely mind-blowing. It helped me to learn more about myself and the big picture of my life. Three months later and I have quit my job, started a new business, and increased my monthly income by 600%. Now I have eliminated my bad debt, I have more energy than I have ever had before; I am happier, more passionate about life and have a crystal vision for the future.” - Cheyne Goulden, Director, marQtec marketing

The Equilibration Process

The program was referred to me by a friend who I had seen have tremendous improvements in the way she handled situations and progressed towards her goals. Being stuck in the same mental space for a long time, I thought it was time to break through into something new and hopefully to find new ways of dealing with my thoughts.
I was sceptical and distant to the idea at first but after the first session, I immediately saw something that I had never seen before. I saw my old thoughts shifting and a range of new ideas surface which I immediately took a liking to. The way I dealt with everyday problems and with my past took a massive turn for the better.
As every session past, I saw that there were more ways than one to deal with my issues. All the walls which I had put up over many years began to fall and I started to see that my life was a great deal better than I thought. The program has given me a new way of thinking which for years I never thought existed. I always felt that being in a committed relationship was a burden, now I can’t wait to start one. - Tony Targpangos, Engineer

Strategic Life Management

“Recently I applied for a job. I was stale & bored and no longer felt valued. I also felt I was under paid for my contributions and responsibilities. I used the coaching to prepare me for the interview. Coaching enabled me to be clear before I entered the interview regarding what conditions I would negotiate and what I would not. As a result of my coaching I increased my wage by 20% minimum, no longer work on Sundays, and unlike most in my field, I negotiated a further day off a week. I received 20% commission where most in my field (especially with no experience) receive only 10%. I also have the opportunity to increase my wage by a further 50% depending on what I put into it. The coaching helped me to achieve this by clarifying firstly how to sell myself and then, most importantly, given the skills to negotiate in a positive & effective manner”
- Juanita Timpanaro, Sales Consultant & Singer/Songwriter

“It [coaching] helps me to structure my priorities and provides me with a roadmap to their achievement. It gives me regular focus on what is important in my life. Coaching has helped me build my business. After one of our sessions on building the business and generating cash flow, I immediately went out and found a client that generated me $15,000. This is the exact amount that I needed to finance the deposit on a property that I had planned for.  Lisa is an amazing coach and has what it takes to provide anyone with the edge in all areas of life. She has the ability to identify the key causal issues in anyone’s life, and to be able to know exactly what to do in order to progress someone towards their destiny. I could not recommend her highly enough… Only one week after starting my Strategic Life Plan I increased my income by over 400%.
- Cheyne Goulden, Director, MarQtec

“One of the big benefits I’ve noticed is in my goal setting ability. When I started coaching with Lisa I wasn’t achieving even half my goals every month. Now I routinely hit more than 80% of my goals – and the figure’s climbing. Last quarter I achieved an amazing 97% of what I set out to achieve – I’m impressed with my results. I’ve also noticed a great improvement in the quality of my life – looking at my life now compared with a year ago; there’s been such improvement in so many areas of my life.”
- Steve Jasper, Write on Time Copywriting

“…I had big dreams but they were not being put into action. I wasn’t even sure what steps to take to make them happen. Now I feel that I have direction… I feel that my confidence has been built up quite a bit.”
“Each time I leave a session, I always feel that I’ve something to look forward to, and something to work towards. I never feel as though I’m standing still… I keep growing from strength to strength. There are things that I would never have dreamed I would have the confidence to do, this time last year.… I feel different inside, happier, when I achieve something new and this is what it’s all about. Knowing that I’m on the path that I have chosen for my life and taking actual steps to get to the place I want to be. I am learning so much along the way as well, especially learning to trust myself.”
- Dalys Timpanaro, Singer/ Administration

“At first I was rather hesitant as we often are when we are at a cross in the road - my biggest fear was the fear of failure, and so I had been reluctant to take the chances I needed to take. So beginning the coaching with Lisa was my first mental hurdle - and I did it!! Lisa gave me all the support and encouragement I needed to take a few risks and overcome my old beliefs and therefore see first hand that I could achieve the goals that I’d set.
Lisa made me accountable for the decisions that I made which really planted a deep sense of self belief inside of me.
I have developed some good habits which has been the key for creating life changing experiences for me in my career and personal life. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Lisa’s services to friends, family and to anyone who was considering it.”
- Louise Fry, Sales consultant/ trainer

Through coaching I became more aware that I had lost sight of some objectives. It has made me more aware of myself and of monitoring my time more effectively. It also helped me become more focused during a difficult trading time.
- Craig Michael, Fashion Consultant

Since coaching, my life has improved dramatically! I have been able to expand my mind on how to achieve the goals I set out. I achieved and accomplished things I didn’t even think I would be doing a year ago, especially with my focus on my career. New opportunities and goals just happened and my way of thinking was expanded. Regardless of what your situation is, regardless of any skepticism. I suggest you do this!  3 words 6 syllables the BEST INVESTMENT EVER!!
- Johnny Angelopoulos, Manager and Radio Host

Thanks Lisa for all of your help. We have been working together for just a few sessions and we just touched briefly on the financial targets for my business and I jokingly suggested 20 million dollars turnover for the following year, which I immediately mentally discarded as impossible however you stepped in and asked me why it was impossible? What barriers had I created in my mind to make such a target an impossibility? We moved onto other topics but the thought stuck in my mind. Later that week I unexpectedly received an opportunity to bid on a project that was worth up to 300k, which is normally out of our ballpark, however, our conversation was in my mind, I realized early during conversations with the customer that this was the kind of opportunity that I needed to make my previously “laughable” targets achievable, my attitude changed, my resolve firmed, and the opportunity opened before my eyes, I am sure this is just the beginning of great things, the power of the mind is beyond incredible, thank you for removing my blinkers.
- Michael Dockery, Web Designer

“During the period of time [that I worked with Lisa] I learnt so much to the point that my mind felt like it would explode… Lisa has showed me how to set goal levels of improvement so that I could measure and see my growth, which actually in the beginning gave me the encouragement to keep going… during the six months I was with Lisa she helped me set a system in place where achieving my goals became a reality…”
- Bob Bates, Burwood East

“Coaching has helped me map out a purpose to help deliver the skills I currently have.”
- Matt Tapley, Sales Consultant, Real Estate

“[I’ve acquired] many skills I will be using and now I have a great resume.”
- Casey Butler, Retail

For more information, contact Lisa McDonald Strategic Life Management Coaching.
0412 291 079

Inspirational Quotes

    Inspiring Quotes

    “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”
    - Viktor Frankl

    Growth is the only evidence of life.”
    - John Henry Newman

    “Change always comes bearing gifts.”
    - Price Pritchett

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