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To have success Personal and Business life, with maximum health and vitality, we must ensure the foundations are solid. Our logo reflects the key areas we believe must be balanced in order to achieve the success we desire.

8 Coloured Segments

The main circle of our logo is divided into eight different coloured segments: this represents the eight key areas of your life. These comprise Health Pursuit’s “Wheel of Life”.

Each aspect plays an important role in ensuring your Personal and Business Success. So it is important that these 8 key areas are functioning effectively and efficiently based on or values, passions, roles and responsibilities and dreams.

The 8 areas in the Health Pursuit Wheel of Life are:

  1. Relationship Health
  2. Financial Health
  3. Vocation/Career Health
  4. Contribution/Community Health
  5. Rejuvenation Health
  6. Physical Wellbeing Health
  7. Personal Development Health
  8. Spiritual Connection Health

Through Strategic Life Management of these key areas, clients achieve dynamic results for life.

3 Small Circles

There are also three smaller circles, which represent Vision, Values and Vehicles. These are the means of transforming your dreams into reality.  At Health Pursuit we want you to maximise your vitality, performance and lifestyle so you have the power to deliver and enjoy your life.

Our Motto

Our mottor at Health Pursuit: is:
Strategic Life Management For Healthy Living,
Increasing your ability to enjoy Vitality Performance & Lifestyle and enjoy a powerhouse of results.

For more information on how we can help you to create a complelling future, or to make an obligation-free appointment, please feel free to contact us now at Health Pursuit.  We look forward to assisting your through the information and services we provide.

Inspirational Quotes

    Inspiring Quotes

    “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”
    - Viktor Frankl

    Growth is the only evidence of life.”
    - John Henry Newman

    “Change always comes bearing gifts.”
    - Price Pritchett

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