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Health Pursuit is the creation of Lisa McDonald, a Strategic Life Management Coach, who is passionate about helping clients to reach the next level in their lives. She is an inspired individual who has the ability to commit and apply herself towards achieving results.

Lisa has 20+ years work experience, having worked in both small and large organisations in a variety of industries.  She has strong skills assisting individuals to connect with their passions, create an inspiring future, consolidating, re-inventing, implentation, personal growth and achievement of successful results.  Her services have assisted numerous people to improve the quality of their personal and business life, including finances, relationships, health and rejuvenation.  Lisa has also been a mentor for the past three years for the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS), a program which assists individual’s to successfully establish new businesses.  Her business background enables her to understand and appreciate business requirements her clients have. These diverse skills allow her to coach clients on developing and implementing programs which have relevance, flexibility and provide creative solutions.

She has spent many years reading, participating and assisting in seminars and events for enhancing energy, performance and lifestyle. She is a practitioner in the Beta Release Technique, The Equilibration Process®, NLP®, Time Line Therapy® and Massage Therapy, as well as being a graduate of the UPW and Mastery University programs of Anthony Robbins.  Lisa holds a Bachelor of Business, a Certificate IV in Small Business Management and has undertaken and complete a variety of other programs as part of her ongoing commitment to enhancing her skills, knowledge and development  both personally and professionally.

Lisa knows what it is like to push the body, mind and spirit to the max! She became interested in Body Building to help her achieve exceptional physical shape. After only 4 months physical training she set herself a huge challenge of qualifying to compete internationally. The steps and strategies she implemented paid off! Within 12 months she had achieved her goal by qualifying and competing for Australia at the peak event, held in Auckland, New Zealand in November 2004. Lisa achieved an incredible fifth place internationally – an outstanding result for someone to achieve in such a short period of time!

Having achieved her own amazing results, Lisa recognises the benefits of having personal coaching. Personal training enabled her to focus, stay motivated, learn skills and achieve accelerated results. She knows that people who are moving towards the next level in their chosen goal/dream need to have a good support structure – and helping people take those steps is something Lisa is well qualified to offer.

With her broad range of knowledge, experience and skills, she has some great tools to assist clients in achieving their own results.

Inspirational Quotes

    Inspiring Quotes

    “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”
    - Viktor Frankl

    Growth is the only evidence of life.”
    - John Henry Newman

    “Change always comes bearing gifts.”
    - Price Pritchett

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